Cheeky Santa
Cheeky Santa
Cheeky Santa
Cheeky Santa

Cheeky Santa

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Busted! Cheeky Santa's stash of goodies he hid from the Elves. We all know one of these in our lives...restock the secret stash in the cupboard with these delicious handmade treats and give the flowers and Rose' to Mrs Claws.


Included in your pack:

2 x Custom message shortbread cookies made by our in house pastry chef Regnier Cakes (gluten free options available at an additional charge.) 

4 x delicious homemade Christmas puddings

4 x Christmas Gingerbread Characters

1 x Everlasting floral arrangement by Sun Palm 

1 x Ministry of Chocolate

1x Italian Sparkling Rose'

All packaged beautifully


Dried Flower arrangements are custom made using the highest quality of dried and preserved produce. Bloom choice is based on what we have available to represent your colour choice.